Eating Disorders Book

Who is Dr Irina Webster.

Dr Irina Webster MD is the Director of Eating Disorder Institute one of the Australia leading suppliers of educational information on eating disorders.

Her newly published book "Cure Your Eating Disorder: 5 Step Program to Change Your Brain: The Neuroplasticity Approach" became a bestseller this year.

She is also the creator of the Eating Disorder Home Treatment Program that she developed based on her personal experience with an eating disorder and her experience working with ED sufferers for 10 years.

From 1994-2001 Dr Irina Webster worked in the Women and Children Hospital in Russia as a paediatrician, where she also was involved in infertility and eating disorders research.

From 2003 – 2007 Dr Irina Webster worked in The Canberra Hospital (Australia) where she continued her research regarding the development of eating disorders: why they occur, who is more likely to be affected, what are the developmental stages of the disease, how it is more likely to be stopped, the methods and techniques that help to prevent and stop eating disorders.

She has attended a number of medical, psychological and holistic medicine sessions regarding eating disorder treatment including: - “Advanced Strategies for Eating Disorders Treatment” (October1998 - May 1999) - “Distorted Body Image: Broken Eye Syndrome” (November 1997) - “Adolescence is dangerous time for developing an eating disorder”.(January 1997) Other courses and seminars: - “Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Eating Disorders Treatment”. (April 1998) - “Physiology and Psychology of Eating Disorders.” ( November 1999 - “Family Therapy for Eating Disorder Patients.” (June 2000)

Dr Irina Webster is a big supporter of a holistic approach to treatment and she truly believes that we can change the structure of our brain using new experiences, new knowledge and new environment.

Her eating disorders treatment method is based on Neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the notion that our brain is plastic and malleable and that in most cases people don’t need medications or drugs to cure and manage conditions such as: eating disorders, anxieties, phobias, depression and other stress related problems.

Her new revolutionary book "Cure Your Eating Disorder: 5 Step Program to Change Your Brain: The Neuroplasticity Approach” is now available at the Eating Disorder Institute site.



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